Works Components Headset Instructions
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The Works Components Angle Headset is installed in much the same way as a ‘normal’ headset; please ensure you have the correct tools to hand for installation. (headset press, Allen keys, crown race remover)  
Installation Order: 
  1. Upper bearing cover
  2. Bearing compression ring.
  3. 41mm OD AC bearing (Upper and Lower).
  4. Head cup (Upper and Lower).
  5. Lower bearing sealing washer (Inbuilt into the tapered crown race).
  6. Fork crown race.

Liberally apply grease beneath the crown race and upper bearing cover to ensure bearing longevity – Jet-washing is not advisable and will force water past seals and remove grease.
It is essential that the Works Components cups are installed with correct orientation. If you install the top head-cup with the offset towards the rider (sitting on the bike) you must install the bottom cup in the opposite manner, this will ‘slacken’ the bikes head-angle. If you reverse the orientation you will ‘steepen’ the bikes head angle.
It is our recommendation that you install the cups one at a time starting with the top cup:
  • Set the top cup in the frame – Tie string around the seat-post and pull taught towards you or use a large set-square: Align along the 2 machined grooves in the cup and push the cup into place firmly by hand, stand back and re-observe the cups position to ensure correct placement.
  • Using the correct tools then install the cupper cup making sure it is fully inserted, a little grease will help. – If your previous headset’s insertion depth was shallower you may notice the headset requires more force to push fully home.
  • Line up and mark the lower cup using a set square or similar to ensure you have a straight line from the upper cup – When you are happy the cup is aligned correctly install in the same manner.

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